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Which kind product would you need?


Track lighting offers a good deal of versatility, allowing flexibility in both size and position. Indeed there are a wide number of choices to be made in terms of styling. As such, track lighting is not just suited to a study, a kitchen or a hallway. Designers now use track lighting extensively in living rooms, bathrooms and even bedrooms. This form of lighting often gives a contemporary touch so it is a fixture that is ideal for a new build home or for renovated spaces within existing homes.


When using multiple lights in a scene the approach is usually as follows: we have a single color vector that represents the fragment's output color. For each light, the light's contribution to the fragment is added to this output color vector. So each light in the scene will calculate its individual impact and contribute that to the final output color. 


Surface-mounted spotlights emit beautiful lighting in any room! Most of our surface-mounted spotlights are adjustable and come in an array of sizes and colours. Perfect space savers and statement makers for any area in your home!


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